Skip to content Minecraft is a website that allows you to connect to other players on the server without downloading any software using a unique 8 digits code and signing in with Microsoft account.
Some of the consoles which can be connected include PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox (One, X and S) and Nintendo Switch.

Aka MS Remoteconnect code

  • In your console, when you click Sign in to Microsoft account in Minecraft, you will see a popup with a link to to use to sign in with your free Microsoft account.
  • You will find an 8-digit code below it to enter when you visit that website from another device.
  • With an 8-digit code, Minecraft’s cross-platform functionality enables you to play. To correctly configure it, you must enter this code on the aka ms remoteconnect website.
  • The aka ms remoteconnect is use to connect to this special 8-digit code. This code can be found in the video game Minecraft.

How to Enter your Code – Link your Microsoft Account?

  • Click the “Sign in with a Microsoft account” link on the Minecraft Game Home Screen.
  • You will see a screen that asks you to visit and displays a special 8-digit number. You will be redirected from this page the Microsoft Live “Enter Code” login page. By clicking Here, you can go straight to the Code Login Page.
  • Enter the 8-digit code on the Microsoft Live login page. Select “Next.”
  • To link your two accounts, sign in to your Microsoft Live Account.

Step by Step Process of Aka ms Remoteconnect Login

Following are the steps to login in at and set up the gameplay properly:

  • Launch Minecraft on the console.
  • On the landing screen for the Minecraft game, click Sign in with Microsoft Account, which is shown as a button on the bottom left.
  • The link and an 8-digit code are display in a window that appears.
  • The 8-digit unique code you received in the previous step must be entered when the link, also known as MS RemoteConnect, is opened on another device (a smartphone would also work).
  • It will request a Microsoft account to sign in (Microsoft login credentials of Microsoft account).
  • A success message such as “You are now signed in to Minecraft from your device” will appear. This window may now be safely close.
  • Shut the browser down. You have now successfully logged in.
  • You would notice a window indicating successfully connected following a successful login in the console.

Quick steps to find your friends with a Microsoft Account?

  • Click Play on the Minecraft Game’s home screen once you’ve successfully signed in with your Microsoft account.
  • To access the “Friends” tab, switch to the right.
  • Click ‘Add Friend’.
  • Find you friends by entering their Microsoft gamertags, one by one.

How to use to fix Minecraft Error?

Following are the steps to connect to a Microsoft account and play Minecraft with your friends.

X Box One

  • Users must visit on the internet to set up cross-play on the XBox One. Click “Next” when you arrive at the Xbox setup page. Make use of your Microsoft credentials to access your Xbox.
  • Codes will generate once this is complete. Open the link on a different device and enter the code there.
  • Play Minecraft PS4 easily by connecting your Xbox to your Microsoft account.


  • Go to the settings on your PS4. Like XBOX, sign in once more using your Microsoft credentials.
  • You can link your PS4 and Microsft using these codes. Enter the code from the link to connect the accounts.